Are you tired of spending $3, $4 or more on a cup of coffee?

What are you getting from your daily cup of coffee? Is your coffee 'healthy'? Does your coffee help you in the battle of the bulge? Does your coffee help your focus or mental clarity?*


Join the Revolution

Coffee Revolution

Ask yourself, 'how much should I be paying for my daily cup of coffee?' If it's more than $1, it's too much! Like the clubs that are revolutionizing the shaving industry, the Dollar Coffee Club is revolutionizing the planet's most popular habit … and saving you money!

Cost Isn't the Only Benefit


Premium, South American-grown coffee infused with all-natural, clinically studied herbs that provide the benefit of better health. Plus, we offer convenience – single-serve sticks deliver great-tasting, healthy coffee that you can enjoy instantly, hot or cold.

The Coffee (Club) That Saves and Pays

Earn Money

Free shipping, iPads, free product rewards, car payments, student loan reimbursement, exotic trips, cash bonuses and more. Buy from the Club ... or OWN a Club and earn – the decision is up to you. Build an income for life … or simply help pay off some of you monthly bills or save for an annual vacation.

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